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Nimble Hill Timberworks specializes in free-standing timber frame structures. Embracing centuries-old post-and-beam joinery and framing techniques, we design and construct "away spaces" customized to your needs. Our pub-sheds, wine-shacks, pool houses and pavilions provide incredible settings for entertaining in a traditional environment crafted to your style.  Our yoga huts, writer retreats, and garden sheds provide a tranquil natural away space for thoughtful reflection and creativity. Our bunkhouses provide a serene setting for children or guests to rest in a secluded, comforting setting. And our boathouses and garages provide a classic home for your vehicles.


About Us


At Nimble Hill, we appreciate the beauty of timber frames. We honor the central role a frame plays in providing strength to a structure by highlighting frame design as an aesthetic component of living spaces. By exposing the natural grain of wood and traditional joinery, we create away spaces that are pleasing to the eye and invite appreciation of the time-honored craft of timber framing.

Small Structure Specialists

Timber frame construction dates back centuries. Well-established joinery techniques and structural design principles result in structures that stand the test of time.  Timber frame design was brought to the American colonies and framed nearly all homes, barns, and buildings well into the 19th century. But with industrialization and the rise of big cities, the art of timber framing was gradually replaced by aesthetically unappealing and structurally weaker, but less labor intensive, framing methods.  In the 1970s, however, timber framing was rediscovered and has since returned as a visually appealing and integrally solid method of construction.

Today, there are hundreds of small and large companies across the nation that produce beautiful timber frame structures.  In almost all cases, timber frame companies focus on creating larger structures suitable for a home, barn, work shop, or commercial enterprise. While we encourage everyone who appreciates the natural beauty of timber frames to create such structures for their residences and workplaces, we recognize this is not possible for all. But a small structure used to create an away space for entertainment, a quiet retreat, extra guests, home gardening, or protecting your car, boat or other play-things is a viable prospect for many homeowners.

Our Expertise

  • Timber frame design and construction

  • Custom bar, cabinetry, built-ins and furniture

  • Timber frame raising and project management


Whether selecting from among our base and premium kits or designing your custom structure, we will work with you to create a timber frame structure that fits your vision.



Flexible Design and Construction 

Nimble Hill Timberworks was created to fill the small structure niche. Some may call our structures sheds. Unlike the sheds offered by the big box stores or large shed companies that employ the visually unappealing, stick-frame techniques and manufactured particle board products, we design and construct authentic, hand crafted, traditional joinery, timber frame structures made of natural wood elements customized for your personal use.  In fact, we do not think of our structures as sheds. Nor are they buildings. They are hand crafted away spaces tailored to your need.


Once complete, the timber frame becomes an artistic element that supports the other design features that define your personalized space.  We love and deeply appreciate the raw beauty provided by large timber frame structures. By specializing in small structures, we have developed techniques for sizing timbers, crafting joints and assembling elements in a cost-effective manner that preserves the beauty of timber frame designs.  This allows us to scale that same beauty to a customized space that fits your backyard and budget.

Design and Construction Options

Nimble Hill Timberworks provides multiple entry-points for you to enjoy the beauty of a timber frame away space. Our base kits provide the perfect foundation for a variety of spaces. Our premium kits provide all the essentials needed for a pub shed, wine shack, yoga hut, or bunk house.  And our custom design services empower you to create a natural away space tailored to your personal vision.


For all of our kits, we provide three options for assembling and raising your timber frame structure.

  1. For those who are handy and are eager to raise their own structure with a few helpful friends, we offer detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by a few essential tools.

  2. For those who want to participate in a raising, but would like guidance, we offer a foreman service that provide you with the experience and direction to get your timber frame structure raised in minimal time.

  3. And, for those who prefer a hands-off approach, we offer full service assembly.

While the time required to assemble and raise a structure varies based on its size and optional design elements, our base and premium kits are carefully designed to be constructed by a team of 4 people in three days or less.

Our Kits

Base Kits

10' x 12' single door, two window kit

12' x 14' single door, three window kit

12' x 16' double door, three window kit

All base kits are designed to provide a fully enclosed ready-to-use space that includes:

  • Flooring: 6x6 floor deck sills, 4x6 floor joist, and 1x8 hemlock rough board flooring

  • Frame: 6x6 posts and top plates, 3x4 wind braces, 2x4 grits and door frames, and 2x3 window frames

  • Siding: 1x6 or 1x8 rough exterior, smooth planed interior pine or hemlock tongue and groove boards

  • Roofing: 6x4 rafters, 3x5 purlins, 3x5 collar ties, 1x8 rough board flooring, 3-foot wide metal roofing

  • 2 or 3 barn sash windows

  • 1 or 2 barn doors

Premium Kits

Premium kits are designed to provide a ready-to-use entertainment space that

Include all base kit elements plus:

  • 8’ x 4’ live edge sugar maple bar top and bar work area with LED lighting

  • 2 bar shelves with LED Lighting

  • LED track lighting

  • 4 Outlets to power a refrigerator and other electronic equipment

Additional Options include:

  • Smooth planed frame elements

  • Reclaimed wood flooring

  • Reclaimed or naturally aged siding

  • Oak, Maple, or Cherry frame elements

  • Walnut, Cherry, or Redwood live edge bar top

  • Solid hard wood bar work area

  • Custom cabinets and/or shelving

  • Decorative curved wind braces

  • Side wall shelving

  • Laminate or hard wood flooring

  • Mini wood stove with heat shields

  • Sliding Barn Door or Custom Door design

  • Ceiling Fan

  • Loft above one half of structure

  • Solar electrical units

  • Winterization

Custom Structures

We will work with you to create a custom free-standing structure that meets your needs. Sizes range from 10x12 to 16x24 and may include a variety of built in elements including shelves, work spaces, bunk beds, cabinetry, etc.

Site Preparation

All kits and custom structures require the site to be prepared prior to installation. For most structures and sites, site preparation requires installation of level cement blocks at specified locations.  In some cases, soil conditions or design elements may require installation of concrete sonotube foundations at specified locations. In addition, structures requiring electricity require installation of electrical service to the site location.


Call us to discuss your needs and learn about our price options.

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I couldn't think of a better tribute to my mom than to build a place to gather, laugh and make new memories.  Working with Mike and his team at Nimble Hill made the entire process smooth and easy. Mike worked with us to design something that would fit in our space yet meet our entertainment needs. And watching his team bring it all together made the whole process easy and fun. The craftsmanship and thoughtful design are evident in every detail. The result is magical.

--- Jennie Leahy - Queensbury, NY


Working with Mike at Nimble Hill Timberworks in building our PubShed was fantastic! Ultimately, it was Mikes’ skill and involvement in designing the layout and building the walnut bartop transformed our space into something truly exceptional. His in-depth knowledge of different types of wood made it easy to understand the choices and how to best achieve the look and feel we wanted in the bar. His incredible craftsmanship elevated the bartop and the final building from something merely functional into a work of art. The result was stunning, far exceeding anything I could have initially imagined. Thanks to Mike’s design skills, craftsmanship and attention to detail, we now have a PubShed which is inviting and is the envy of the neighborhood.

--- John Bergland - Medfield, MA

My mom said she was building a party shed in our backyard. I thought she was talking about a building some people would use to store a lawnmower but instead having a makeshift bar. What we got instead was an incredible place for a party. Amazing bar top, cool lights, a fridge, lots of shelves, and even a special place for blender. Way better than anything I ever imagined.

--- Stephen Kim - Saratoga, NY


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Located in Woodstock, VT, Nimble Hill Timberworks is a young, energetic company that is eager to work with you to create the small structure of your dreams.  For more information about our kits or to explore your ideas for a custom designed structure, please reach out to us at:




It is our pleasure to explore ways to make a timber frame structure work for you!


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