Annie's Place

The Story of Annie's

Jennie built Annie's Place in memory of her mother. Anne was full of life, played tennis into her eighties and greatly enjoyed gatherings with her extended family.  Jennie wanted a place at their home on Glenn Lake, NY that reflected her mother's vitality and provided a picturesque setting for her family to gather.

Designing the Shed

Working with Jennie, we created plans for a 12' x 14' party shed that could comfortably fit ten to twelve people.  Set just feet away from Lake George, we wanted to capitalize on the view. At first, we explored traditional doors and sliding bar doors, but both options limited the view. So, we developed the idea of using bi-fold doors -- similar to those used for closets -- to create an 8' opening. In addition, we added large windows over the doorway to allow views of the night sky above the mountains across the lake. Unfortunately, zoning regulations required the shed to either be located in a less than optimal position or to be reduced in size. To maintain the view, we worked with Jennie to reduce the shed size to 10' x 12' and modify the bar design to maintain the view and still allow for ten people to fit comfortably in and around the bar.

Designing the Bar

We worked with Jennie to understand how she and her family planned to use the bar -- were they mainly beer and wine drinkers, or would they be making mixed drinks. Based on their needs, we custom designed the working bar area to include shelves for bottles, plenty of storage space for glassware, spots for a blender and fridge, and plenty of working space for mixing drinks behind the bar. In addition, we used live edge walnut for the bar top and brought the outside of the shed in by using the siding to line the sides of the bar.

Raising the Pub Shed

Raising Annie's Place was performed by a team of three people over the course of two and a half days. After day one, the frame and sub-floor were in place. Day two ended with the roof, siding, and windows installed. During day three the beechwood floor, bar, lighting, and doors were finished.

The Final Product

Annie's Place is now a vibrant, picturesque setting, both inside and out, for lively family gatherings or a drink at the end of a good day's work. 

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