Our Carport

The Story of Our Carport

This was our first timber frame project and established the foundation for Nimble Hill Timberworks. A few years ago, we converted our garage into a wood shop. We now needed a place to keep our cars undercover when winter storms moved in. A carport beside the shop was the perfect structure. The only problem -- the foundation under the shop was not sufficient to support the roof of the car port. Our solution was to build a timber frame carport cantilevered roof such that the roof rafters were supported by the timber frame 1/2" above the shop roof. This created a space to park two cars without adding any weight to the shop's roof.

Preparing the Site

The first step required excavating the hillside above the garage and building a retaining wall.

Making Timbers

We had recently felled two ailing ash tree and had them milled up which we handcrafted into the timber frame elements.

Raising the Frame

On a sunny fall day, a few friends and neighbors stopped by to help assemble the frame elements, squeeze them between the stone wall and shop, and raise them into place. Because the space was tight, we used a hand winch lift to help hold the beams as they were fit into position.

Frame Raised

By late afternoon, the frame was raised and everyone was ready for cold beer and ribs.

Rafters and Roof

Sunday morning, rafters were slid into place, pegged, and then the roof was installed.  The final product is our 12' x 40' car port. 


The fun and ease with which the car port came together, coupled with the work we performed for the Bergland Bierhütte, inspired the idea of building timber frame structures that can be used for a wide variety of uses.  Annie's Place is the first product of this integration.

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