Bergland Bierhütte

The Story of the
Bergland Bierhütte

The Bergland's pub shed served as an important inspiration for Nimble Hill Timberworks. John and his family wanted a place in which they could gather with friends for good times over drinks.  So, John ordered a plan for a 12' x 16' shed. The plan called for traditional stick frame construction, but he wanted to create a refined yet rustic feel.  Throughout his sixth month adventure, we provided John with consultation, guidance, and assistance with specific elements of his creation.

Exploring Design Elements

There were several design elements we helped John think through. The Berglands wanted to maximize natural light and flow of guests, but also wanted spaces in which guests could hang-out in comfort.  We helped John explore various types and configurations of doors. At one point, we designed custom barn doors with windows that overlapped traditional windows. We also considered various placements of doors. In the end, John opted for wide traditional barn doors on his long side and one end, and a smaller door on the other gable end.

Bar Top

The Berglands wanted a bar that stood out.  We worked with John to select a set of live edge walnut slabs. We then fashioned an 8' x 4' L-shaped bar top.  In doing so, we took care to ensure the sap wood (white edges) aligned on both the inside and outside edges. This required some careful planning and skilled Joinery. But in the end, the bar top exceeded John's expectations.

Bar Top Shelf

To create additional space for guests to gather, we built a corner bar shelf out of matching live edge walnut.  Installed at a higher height, this created a perfect place for 3-4 people to rest their drinks as they converse.

Wood Stove

The final touch was adding a wood stove. We worked with John to find a small but powerful and efficient stove that was added to the back corner of the shed. The stove takes only a few minutes to warm up the shed and has allowed the Berglands to enjoy their bierhütte year round - even on a sub-zero New Year's Eve!


The Bergland Bierhütte is one-half of the inspiration for Nimble Hill Timberworks.  As we were providing consultation to John and building his bar tops, we were also building a timber frame car port. As both projects came to completion, we realized that by dovetailing the timber frame techniques used for the car port with the design elements of the Bierfütte we would create an attractive and affordable structure with a traditional, open, airy feel that could be assembled with minimal time on site. In addition, by carefully designing frames of strategically selected sizes, we could provide several design options that meet a wide variety of leisure and entertainment needs. The first iteration of our concept is Annie's Place.

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